In My Father's House:


About the Book

The book "IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE: AN ABORTION SURVIVOR'S VISIONS OF HEAVEN" is the personal testimony of Irene Petra about heaven, life and death, and the unborn souls. Being a survivor of an abortion, Irene became a voice of the largest group of saved souls in heaven - the unborn. Not many people know that the unborn souls have a prominent position in the kingdom of heaven, not only among the saints, but also among the angels. 



  1. Introduction 
  2. Chapter 1: Confession and Forgiveness
  3. Chapter 2: Beginning of the Journey
  4. Chapter 3: When does Life Begin?
  5. Chapter 4: Purpose and Destiny
  6. Chapter 5: What is Death?
  7. Chapter 6: Heavenly Reunions
  8. Chapter 7: Heavenly Adoption
  9. Chapter 8: Maturity. Adoption, and Healing of the Unborn
  10. Chapter 9: The Life of Children in Heaven
  11. Chapter 10: Angels and the Unborn
  12. Chapter 11: Our Heavenly Father’s House
  13. Chapter 12: Positions in Heaven
  14. Chapter 13: Challenges in Heaven
  15. Chapter 14: Ministries in Heaven
  16. Chapter 15: The Unborn and Spiritual Warfare
  17. Epilogue
  18. Afterword
  19. Restoration

From Author

My dear readers and listeners, as an author, I thank the Lord for your hearts, which are ready to listen to the message given to me by the Almighty. The book In My Father's House became my personal mission for five years. What I have shared with my readers in my book is only a small part of the revelations that the Lord gave me. I was faced with the immense task of conveying these revelations to other people and supporting them with Scripture. It is especially complicated by the fact that not many people understand the Word of God. Many people are limited in their understanding of God’s Word because of the doctrines of men... I tried to include as many Scripture verses as possible, supporting the controversial passages. However, soon my book began to look like a book of theology rather than a personal testimony. I had to reduce the volume of the manuscript to one-third of its original size. Then I decided to write footnotes or comments for each chapter. But later, I realized that it would take at least another year or more to complete the task... Out of a desire to share my testimonies and revelations, I decided to publish the book as an abridged version. I will continue to work on comments related to the controversial parts of the book and publish them on my YouTube channel and on the website



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