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The book "IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE: AN ABORTION SURVIVOR'S VISIONS OF HEAVEN" is the personal testimony of Irene Petra about heaven, life and death, and the unborn souls. Being a survivor of an abortion, Irene became a voice of the largest group of saved souls in heaven - the unborn. Not many people know that the unborn souls have a prominent position in the kingdom of heaven, not only among the saints, but also among the angels. The events of the end times will be directly dependent on the ministry of this group of saints, especially in the spiritual world. However, we should also note that the unborn souls work very closely with the angels who minister to the people on this earth. Their presence and part in the spiritual battle must not be underestimated.

With an increase in the number of abortions each year all over the world, the army of the unborn is increasing as well, ready to join the fight against their main enemy, the prince of the kingdom of darkness, and his army.

Those who have had the honor of being born on earth have a chance to fulfill God's will and His plan for mankind. God is also giving them the chance to stand for the unborn and fight for their lives.

From Author

Why did I decide to share with you my heavenly experiences and revelations? Because telling others about the kingdom of Heaven is part of the gospel. In fact, it was the central theme of Yeshua's message.
From then on, Yeshua began to proclaim, “Turn away from your sins, for the kingdom of heaven is near.” (Matthew 4:17) 



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Can the dead speak to us?

Does the Lord really forbid us to associate with the dead? What about those heavenly visions in which some people may meet and communicate with the souls of the saints?

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The Rapture

There are many controversial doctrines about the rapture. What many people miss, however, is that the rapture is only a small part of a bigger event: the resurrection of the dead. Another thing that many people do is pick and choose verses from the Bible which fit their doctrines and conveniently ignore other Scripture passages that contradict their beliefs.

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